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Discovering the Southeast coast of Mauritius

In search of the big blue, idyllic islets and fishing villages with authentic charm? Set sail for the south-east coast of Mauritius for a wondrous journey back in time! Croisières Australes shows you the way.

Authentic Mahébourg

Nestled in the extreme south of Mauritius, the implausibly charming town of Mahébourg is one of the jewels of the island. The vivacity of the small fishing village is instantly apparent. From the numerous boats anchored in the lagoon to its colonial houses, it provides a wealth of intriguing historical sites and is the perfect embodiment of the Mauritian authenticity. Here, time seems to have stopped: local atmosphere, wild nature and lagoon as far as the eye can see are the characteristics of this picturesque hamlet where life seems to be as good as it can be.

Reflecting the colonial era, the Creole houses of Mahébourg are one of the attractions of the village. The market is also not to be missed. Travellers can engage their senses by walking through the market to experience local food: Fresh fish, spices and tropical fruits are just some of the ingredients you will be able to buy on the spot.


Snorkeling at Trou Moutou: a must

The blue waters and stunning topography of Trou Moutou create the perfect environment for a plethora of activities to keep you entertained. Prepare your masks and tuba, Croisières Australes takes you to Trou Moutou to explore a pearl of the Mauritian lagoon. Trou Moutou is a unique underwater spot, as it houses, several meters deep, Indian statues. Go find them if you dare!

If you are short of breath, do not panic as the place is populated with small multicolored fishes. If they are shy, do not hesitate to throw them a few crumbs of bread. Equipped with a GoPro or an underwater camera, make the best photo of your vacation.


Ile de la Passe and Ile au Phare: eternal witness to History

After this refreshing stop at Trou Moutou, continue up the lagoon in a north-easterly direction to discover two islands steeped in history: Ile au Phare and Ile de la Passe.

Ile de la Passe, located in the bay of Grand Port, is a mandatory passage to better understand the rich past of Mauritius. It is on this small island that more than two centuries ago, in August 1810, was played a major naval battle between the Napoleonic army and the British frigate. If the French came out victorious, it did not prevent the Royal Navy to take Mauritius, formerly known as lsle de France, in December 1810.

Ile au Phare, also known as Ile aux Fouquets, is only a few hundred meters from Ile de la Passe. Guarding the islet like a sentinel, the lighthouse overlooks the lagoon and the entire south-east coast, giving this small island an immutable character. During your Harris Wilson catamaran cruise, set foot on this piece of land filled with history.


Relax at Ile aux Cerfs

Steeped in the Mauritian past, it is now time to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. To do so, Croisières Australes will bring you to Ile aux Cerfs, considered as one of the most beautiful Mauritian islets. Pristine beaches and crystalline waters make every cove and lookout spot worthy of a postcard. Enjoy local food in the beachy restaurants or practice water activities available on this little paradise. It’s adventure time!


Croisières Australes invites you on board of its exclusive catamaran, the famous Harris Wilson, for an entire day in the South-East lagoon. A unique experience, combining authenticity, exploration and idleness.

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