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11 essentials for a day in the sun of Mauritius

You have dreamt so much about it: holidays in the sun, barefoot on the warm white sand beach, going on wonderful marine adventures where you can admire the beauty of the landscape and just relax. This moment is about to arrive; you will finally board one of our superb catamarans to discover our stunning coastline. In order to fully enjoy this experience, here is a list of things to take with you:

1. Your swimsuit

That's the basis, isn't it?

2. Sunglasses

Because they make you look cool, and especially because they help you take care of your eyes. Make sure your sunglasses have UV protection (preferably category 4) and carry the CE mark.

3. A hat/cap

They prevent you from being blinded by the sun and protect your face, sparing you from wrinkles before your age. And as a bonus, they camouflage your hair that's messed up by the wind. What more could you ask for?

4. Your sunscreen

You've been thinking all winter about when you can finally get the pill golden. That's no reason to neglect sunscreen! Put it on the body regularly, especially before going for a dip, as well as when coming out of the water. Especially since a red nose or a peeling back is not very sexy. And it's downright painful!

5. An anti-UV lip balm/stick

That's right! Your lips also need to be protected from the sun. Make sure they are always well hydrated and feel free to apply the lip balm as often as necessary. Your partner will appreciate it!

6. A towel

Spend a day in the sun admiring this sublime turquoise water without swimming? Impossible! Bring a towel so that you can dry yourself immediately after swimming. This will help you clean the sand off your body. You will feel more comfortable.

7. Beach shoes

Remember to wear rubber flip-flops. Comfortable, water-resistant and equipped with non-slip soles, they will also prevent you from getting hurt when in contact with corals.

8. Seasickness medication

Of course, the catamaran is a stable boat, but some people get seasick. In addition, if this is your first cruise, it is better to be prepared for any eventuality. As the saying goes: “Prevent is better than cure”.

9. Your camera

Your holidays would not be totally successful if you didn't mock your colleagues with beautiful pictures of your stay in Mauritius under a bright sun, would you? Don't forget to protect your camera with a waterproof cover as it could be damaged by sea salt.

10. Your phone charger / camera

What could be more frustrating than being in front of a breathtaking landscape and not being able to take a picture because battery has died?

11. A warm garment

Yes, you may feel cold at the end of the day, especially after swimming. If you get cold easily, you have been warned!

That's it, you have everything you need for an unforgettable day on a catamaran. Get ready to be amazed!